Civil Works

GO2 Building has the practical experience, local knowledge and skilled workforce to deliver a large scope of civil works, regardless of complexity or location. Our dedicated civil team has the capacity to undertake projects up to $25 million in value, by execution through internal resources, or by utilising our extensive industry networks in joint venture arrangements.

The GO2 Building head office in Perth positions the Company well to manage the ebbs and flows of project delivery across Western Australia, and to access a stable and productive workforce of locally based and FIFO employees.

Our civil team provide services including:

  • Bulk and detailed earthwork
  • Bulk concrete – foundations, walls and structures
  • In-ground services, including HDPE welding, HV/LV electrical, control cabling and communications
  • Fire, potable, waste and process water
  • Retaining structures
  • Process watering and dewatering
  • Septic tanks and leech drains
  • Storm water
  • Site drainage
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