Training Subsidies

Along with the unquantifiable benefits associated with employee training, there are also encouraging financial incentives available to employers.

Go2 Skills & Training will undertake a full needs analysis to determine suitable and relevant workplace training and traineeships for full time employees before advising on the specific financial incentives available.

Go2 Skills & Training can provide full, or partially, subsidised training in Queensland and Western Australia via its preferred provider status with industry and government funds. In addition, payroll tax exemptions exist for employees undertaking traineeships.

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Funded Training

Various industry and government bodies have identified skills shortages within certain industries. To develop the workforce to meet the shortages, they have made funds available to eligible employers and trainees within these industries to encourage upskilling of existing and new workers. Each State has various funding models available and Go2 Skills & Training will work with you to identify the model that will best meet your needs as an employer or trainee.

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Payroll Tax Exemption

Employers of eligible trainees may be exempt from Payroll Tax for the full duration of the training contract which represents a significant cost saving to businesses. Currently this is 4.75% in Queensland and 5.5% in Western Australia.

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Federal Incentives

Employer incentives are available for eligible workers undertaking an approved traineeship and who meet certain criteria. This may include up to $1,500 on commencement, $2,500 on completion, as well as additional incentives for nominated equity groups.

These incentives are generally delivered:

  1. On commencement (classified as six months after enrolment)
  2. Upon successful completion of traineeship

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