Rapid Building Method

Utilising a Structural Integrated Panel System(SIPS) and Wet Area Pods(WAPS), The GO2 People have developed a “Rapid Building” method with the major focus on reducing construction time and labour costs and providing an alternative to traditional building methods.

Utilising labour through the Labour Hire Division, the SIPS panel and the WAPS are pre-fabricated in a factory environment to plan specification and transported to site allowing The GO2 People to control the entire building process from start to finish. Pre-fabrication of SIPS and WAPS significantly reduces the amount of labour-intensive work carried out on site, reducing the risk of exposure to inclement weather which can impact construction times. In addition, it reduces the cost of trade labour on site. Whilst using alternative construction methods, a completed dwelling still has the same appearance as most traditionally built houses. External facades, internal fittings and paint schemes allow for current or traditional trends dependant on the project.

GO2 Building couples its Rapid build method by also providing smart technology, integrating pro-automation services to its building solutions that allows the management of lighting, entertainment and security systems in residential and commercial buildings. Controlled by smart phones, Androids, tablets as well as having voice activation capability, The Smart Technology offers a further point of difference whilst remaining cost effective.

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