Indigenous Employment

The GO2 People recognise the importance of effective, sustainable and respectful engagement with Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

We are committed to generating innovative and engaging opportunities that maximise Indigenous Australian job-seeker participation, and foster mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationships. Staff at The GO2 People have completed Cross Cultural Awareness training, and are equipped with the knowledge necessary to engage with candidates, clients and service providers in a culturally respectful manner.

The GO2 People maintain an expansive pool of experienced and qualified job-seekers, and a proven track record in engaging and retaining Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander job-seekers. The GO2 People have tailored its strategy in order to effectively communicate with, and attract Indigenous Australian job-seekers. This has included utilisation of search engines such as Indigenous Employment Australia and the Aboriginal Workforce Development Centre, attendance at local networking events and active cooperation with local and regional Job-Active and VTEC providers. This approach has delivered positive results in attracting and retaining suitably qualified and experienced, enthusiastic and committed Indigenous Australian job-seekers.

Service Provider Relationships

The GO2 People enjoy a productive and mutually-beneficial relationship with various service providers including:

  • Generation One,
  • The Wirrpanda Foundation
  • Fairbridge WA,
  • The Bloodwood Tree Association

Our commitment toward promoting and achieving reconciliation amongst all Australians, is demonstrated in The GO2 People Reconciliation Action Plan. This shall provide the foundation with which to identify, monitor and evaluate our efforts toward realizing our goals in contributing to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community in a positive manner. It is currently being assessed by Reconciliation Australia and is due to released in late 2017.