Our People

People are the beating heart of our company and, as such, our culture reflects the attitude we have towards them. Diversity amongst our workforce has strengthened our ability to engage people from all walks of life, and to provide opportunity for them and their families.

GO2 is committed to ensuring a safe and rewarding work environment whilst taking the time to invest in our people and their professional and personal growth. We see this investment as a key to developing tomorrow’s leaders and further strengthening our culture.

To this end, The GO2 Culture Club is a committee made up of employees from various business units within the organisation and is chaired by the CEO. This initiative is aimed at ensuring the company is proactive in ensuring every employee has a safe and enjoyable work environment. This level of engagement with our employees provides everyone with a voice and is a major contributor to our high retention levels. The company culture and employee satisfaction is then reflected in the level of service we provide to our external partners. We’re very proud of our people and we’re very proud of our culture.